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Over the years Food City has grown and diversified its business portfolio by adding a number of associate companies to the Group. That promotes a huge contribution of being the Leading Catering Services And Restaurant Management

Burger Boss

In terms of quality, the burgers are as close to a nice dining experience as you can get in a fast-casual setting. They're of medium size — highly recommended Mushroom Burger from the BOSS. The ingredients are fresh and definitely in the premium tier. Both burgers I tried at Smashburger had vibrant and natural toppings like baby spinach, tomato, and some pretty top-notch mushroom with cheese. The patties, although rather thin — they're "smashed" on the grill, hence the name — are savory and cooked to perfection. There's no uneasy, greasy texture to the burger, unlike at many other chains. It's a slice of lean meat that stands out among the flavors instead of suffocating beneath them.

Restaurant & Catering Events

Al Meez is a traditional arabic cuisine specialises in ‘Flavor & Fresh Rice meals and Grills. The name of the restaurant Al Meez is based on the traditional khalieeji symbolises warmth, comfort and relaxation that can be seen and displayed. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes such as Mix Grills and Best selling Flavoured rice Biryani from its main menu, Salads such as Hommus and Fattoush (mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, roasted bell peppers, grilled eggplant, lemon oregano vinaigrette) . The restaurants ingredients are all sustainably sourced. It only uses locally sourced produce, sustainably harvested seafood, free-range chicken, certified Fillet Beef and fresh, natural, domes.

Bread Boss

With the most impressive and sumptuous Bakery, Cakes and Pastries, we make every moment sweeter, every milestone more memorable, and every celebration more special. The Boss is the Bread is a Bakery outlet located in Sanad where you can have freshly baked Bread, Pastries and Healthy Options & more. ‘anything you want’ extensive bakery products is rooted into perfection in providing freshly homemade Bread. Under the roof of It's All About Baking Euros Bake is well known for this industry. Bread Boss is Euros Bake’s retail outlet which offers a wide range of bakery products, pastries, special occasion cakes and much more . The coffee shop located at the prime spot of Sanad and is set-up in indoors with a traditional ambiance to give the customers a pleasant experience.

Bahrain Leading Catering And Restaurant Company

Food City Restaurants a family –friendly and the best choice for casual dine in experience . Our restaurants provide an aesthetic ambience for the guest to feel relaxed and enjoy the authentic taste of multi-cuisine. We use only finest ingredients and follow food safety and hygiene standards at all levels of our operation . Family sections of our restaurants are set up with ample seating capacity for small and large families. Our , multicultural , hospitality experienced service staff make your dining a pleasant, memorable experience.


The large scale in-house catering requirements for Bakery Products and the existing gap of demand and supply in the Market, led us to to open an Industrial Bakery in Sanad under the brand name of Euros Bake W.L.L. The bakery possesses state of the art production facility, equipment and expert chefs and manpower. Euros Bake supplies to the needs of Catering Companies, coffee shops , supermarkets and food outlets.


Euro’s Cakes & Café is Euros Bake’s retail outlet which offers wide range of bakery products, pastries ,special occasion cakes and much more . The coffee shop located at the prime spot of Sanad and is set-up in indoor with traditional ambienece to give the customers a pleasant coffee experience.

Foodco-Me Management Company

FoodCo- ME offers Head Office Management services to the commercial sector clients. The company has a strong human resources base which includes the national and expatriate staff force who are experts in different arenas business operations, administration and Management. The entire Head office Management and operations services to Food City W.L.L, the leading catering and restaurant firm in the Kingdom of Bahrain .

Uniworld Cleaning Company W.l.l

Uniworld Offers , Public and Private utility contract cleaning services to different sectors like Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Educational institutions and Govt. Organizations. For us hygiene matters the most and our manpower is well- trained. We use only industry standard cleaning materials .

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